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Lifting Chains and Hooks

Lifting Chains and Accessories

Grade 80 Alloy Chain
This chain is specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of overhead lifting applications set forth by OSHA & ANSI B 30.9. Grade 80 (S-8) Alloy Chain meets the industry minimum of 15% elongation factor. A test certificate is provided in each drum. Alloy chain is supplied in a black laquer finish.
Approved for overhead lifting.

Grade 80 Alloy Accessories 
Drop forged, high alloy steel, quenched and tempered. For use with Grade 80 (S-8) chain. All SCC alloy accessories are powdercoat painted in a bright safety yellow.
Approved for overhead lifting. 

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Grade 80 Alloy Chain 5/8"x150'
SKU: SEC-H0416-0924