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Drill Bit - Steep Taper

Steep Taper Drill Bit - 3/4" Thick 
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Speer pointed for easier penetration in hard soil conditions. Large size tungston carbide fragments in 2829 hardsurface matrix provide superior abrasion resistance in the toughest drilling conditions.

Bits feature 100% Virgin Tungsten carbide teeth and rubble. Virgin Tungsten carbide is a pure tungsten, compared to recycled tungsten carbide.

The carbide teeth are made from Virgin Tungsten ground to uniform size grains, then forged with cobalt (the gluing agent), and then formed with pressure and heat into the proper profile or mold. All of this Virgin Tungsten product is imported from Sweden.

Compare this to recycled tungsten carbide, which is made from tungsten carbide tooling that has been ground up (which has already been forged with cobalt the first time around), and then has to be forged a second time with cobalt (the gluing agent). This reduces the percentage of actual tungsten used and also the uniformity of tungsten in the end product.