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Oil-Only Sorbent Booms, Polypr

Oil Only Polypropylene Sorbent Booms - Sold by the case of four

  • Floats on water
  • Ideal absorbent product to use for marine oil spills as they absorb the oil floating on the water
  • No fillers are included- 100% polypropylene is packed tightly inside of 8" sorbent boom casing
  • Link poly sorbent booms together with the durable metal connector hardware to take on any size spill
  • Extremely absorbent boom absorbs many types of different types of oil spills and leaks on open water (i.e. oceans, lakes and rivers) as well as retention ponds
  • Tough, finely woven, knitted polyester netting is used to keep fill inside boom in case the sleeve tears
  • Strong 1/4" polypropylene rope is clamped end to end with steel clamps to handle the weight of the boom when fully saturated
  • Quality zinc or nickel plated steel D-rings and steel clamps are used on both ends of the boom in order to ensure booms don't break when fully saturated- NO plastic zip ties are ever used
  • Quality zinc or nickel plated steel spring snap hooks are placed 22" from end of boom- one at each end- to ensure your length will always be consistent when linking together
  • Made in the USA
  • SKU: SLR-10818
  • $115.00