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Barricade Boards

Barricade Boards are offered in two styles and several lengths:
Style Options: 
  1. Wave StyleWave boards are made of a molded durable U.V. stabilized polyethylene resin. Mast boards are available in lengths of 4ft, 6ft & 8ft.
  2. Extruded StyleExtruded boards are made of durable U.V. stabilized polyethylene with a reinforced core. Extruded boards are available in lengths of 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft.
Sheeting Options:
Both styles of board are sheeted on both sides with Hi-Intensity Prismatic reflective material.  
  1. "Right/Left" boards are sheeted with "Right Board" on one side and "Left Board" on the other side.
  2. "Bi-Directional" boards are sheeted with "Bi-Directional" on both sides.
Note - The Mast Type III Barricade System uses three of either style of board.
Please disregard the shipping fee as calculated by the website. Due to fees associated with the board dimensions, please call for a shipping quote - (800) 950-6666