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Fiberglass Wax and Buff Kit, 7

Polywater W-1™ Wax & Buff Wipes for Live-Line Tool Maintenance
(sold individually - 72 per box) 


  • Convenient, Wax-Saturated, Lint-Free Wipe
  • Dual Action Tandem Pack Includes Dry Buffing Towel
  • Superior Quality, Fast-Hazing Fiberglass Wax
  • Suitable for Rubber and Porcelain Materials Too
  • Easy to Apply
  • Does Not Remove or Adversely Affect Gel Coat
  • Leaves Non-Conductive Water Repellent Coating
  • Prevents Continuous Water Film on Stick in Wet Weather
  • Designed for One Time Use and Easy Disposal
  • Meets IEEE Maintenance Recommendations
  • SKU: POL-W-1
  • $4.85