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PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair System

Polywater PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair System

QUICK PLUGGING ACTION - A fast cure putty stops oil and SF6 gas leaks.
PERMANENT SEAL - A 2-part paste overcoat forms a permanent seal.
DURABLE - Finished seal is impervious to water, oil, and weather.
FAST - System can plug and seal active leaks in minutes.
SAVES MONEY - Faster than welding. Transformer may stay in service.
SIMPLE - Eliminates "bagging" or removal from field.
CONVENIENT - Kit contains all materials needed to fix leak while in the field.

Each Single Use Kit Contains: 

  • One sealed plastic bag with 2-part sealant (part A & B)
  • Putty stick (1-3/4") 
  • 2 Type TR™ cleaning and preparation wipes 
  • 12" sandpaper strip 
  • 2 mixing sticks 
  • 1 pair gloves.