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Double C Lithium Super Cell Ba

Double C Lithium Super Cell Battery for Digitrak™ Horizontal Drilling Sondes

Non-rechargeable lithium batteries have over twice the voltage of alkaline cells, this "Double C" is a single cell twice as long as an alkaline C cell with 3.6 volts.

  • Size: DoubleC-H
  • Type: High Capacity lithium thionyl chloride
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Nominal Capacity Amp-hrs: 17 AH
  • Nominal Current mA: 200 mA 
  • Pulse Current mA: 800 mA
  • Mass: 108 grams
  • Size: CC 26.2 mm dia x 102 mm long
  • 40 - 80 Hours of Run Time
  • From 2.2 to 6 times the capacity of two C cells in series
  • Much better voltage that holds-up during discharge
  • Extremely long shelf life-up to 20 years
  • Welded steel shell, cannot leak

Note - Remove after each use.

  • SKU: ONE-261020H