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Cable Hound DSP Kit

Cable Hound DSP Kit

Cable Hound DSP offers new features:        

  • Improved depth and distance capabilities
  • New receiver with digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Auto-Off switch saves battery life
  • Quality padded headphones included
  • Improved, more convenient case

The Cable Hound DSP is an electronic device designed to accurately locate and determine depth of buried cable or metallic pipe. Each Cable Hound DSP KIT consists of a Transmitter, Receiver, Tone Probe, Headphones, Ground Rod and Carrying Case. The dimensions of the unit are 15.5" x 13.5" x 4". The unit weighs 4.5 Lbs. (without batteries).

The Cable Hound has been the standard in the locating industry for decades. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor. What does this mean? The DSP that is now built into the Cable Hound DSP receiver rejects all signals except the Cable Hound transmitter tone. That means no more annoying A/C hum, no more static, only a crisp clear signal. We have also added a set of high quality headphones that fit inside the newly updated carrying case. Speaking of the carrying case, we have made it even tougher. The newly relocated battery compartment is made of machined aluminum, and mounted with screws, not plastic clips. 

  • SKU: MET-99-0118
  • $695.00