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Komelon 10" Measure Wheel Hi-V

Komelon MK3112 Meter-Man 10-Inch Measuring Wheel 

The 10-Inch diameter measuring wheel is one of our most popular wheels on the market. The 10-Inch is versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use. The wheel is covered with a composite tread to provide improved traction on smoother surfaces. This wheel is perfect for almost any application including athletic and recreation departments, concrete and asphalt contractors, estimating, fencing, grounds maintenance, irrigation and surveying. This unit measures in feet only. 
  • Comfortable pistol grip handle
  • Adjustable twist and lock handle
  • Gear-driven, 5-digit counter with push button reset
  • Polyvinyl tread for improved traction
  • Kickstand molded into counter housing
  • Wheel: 10-Inch
  • SKU: KOM-MK3112
  • $54.99