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Weather Guard Cross Box, Alumi

Weather Guard Cross Box - Aluminum 

  • Model 124-0-01 Cross Truck Box - Aluminum
  • Dimensions: H: 18 3/8 W: 20 1/2 L: 72
  • Weight (lbs.): 78
  • Cubic feet: 11.3
  • ONE-TOUCH latch mechanism and trademarked RED PUSHBUTTON on both ends of the box allows for one-handed opening of the box from either side of the truck.
  • Suspends from the side of a pickup truck allowing plenty of room underneath.
  • Twin, gull-wing type covers provide easy access from either side of truck. Each cover operates independently.
  • Clear ARMOR-TUF Powder Coat
  • SKU: KNK-124-0-01
  • $1,250.00