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Wheelz™ Safety Goggles

Wheelz™ Safety Goggles

Designed to be the best of both worlds, Wheelz™ is one part safety glass and one part safety goggle. It offers the style and comfort of popular spectacles, while providing excellent protection against dirt, debris and liquid splash – just like you would expect from a safety goggle.

  • Ideal for protection against dirt, debris and liquid splash.
  • Lightweight, compact frame is more comfortable than traditional goggles, which tend to be big and bulky.
  • Frame is made of a soft, flexible material, providing additional comfort for long days on the job site.
  • Whirlwind™ ventilation system minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber.
  • Elastic head strap can be easily adjusted to ensure a safe, snug fit – regardless of the worker’s head size.