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3rd BRAKE LIGHT Lightbar Mounting Plate

3rd BRAKE LIGHT Platform Mounting Plate for Ford Trucks
ECCO’s 3rd brake light platform mount was constructed with durability in mind Features & Benefits for even the toughest of jobs. The platform mounts behind the factory 3rd brake light and bolts to the brake light opening using custom designed hardware. The factory light is reinstalled over the mount, but does not support the mount. The design meets the demands of heavy-duty applications. 
The mounts are designed to fit the Ford F150, F250 and F350 in 2 versions (LED and Halogen) and 2 colors (black and white).

  • Easily and reliably mount a number of products to aluminum topped vehicles including beacons, remote spotlights, safety directors, and minibars.
  • Industry accepted materìal and coating designed to prevent corrosion and avoid mechanical and cosmetic issues
  • Low-profile lightweight aluminum design coupled with secure mounting to ensure there will not be excessive with resistance, vibration or “fluttering”