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Abrasive Blades

Abrasive Blades

DITEQ High Speed Abrasive Blades - Type 1

This heavy duty aluminum oxide blade delivers the durability, safety, speed and long life required by the construction industry. Applications: Structural Steel, Pipe, Rebar, Angle Iron, Ferrous Metals 

Made with silicon carbide, this blade offers top performance and durability for cutting with gas or electric high speed saws. Applications: Cured concrete, Brick, Block, Masonry, Aluminum, PVC Pipe, Stone, Non-ferrous metals 

Ductile Iron 
A high performance blade specially developed for the pipe layer, foundry and waterworks industry.
Applications: Ductile, Cast Iron, Concrete lined sewer pipes 

Asphalt, Green Concrete 
Made with larger grain size and a more open structure, this blade will resist clogging when cutting asphalt or green concrete. Applications: Asphalt, Green Concrete  

Note - Priced individually but sold only by the box of 10 blades