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Diamond Chain for Concrete Chain Saws

Diamond Chain for Concrete Chain Saws
DITEQ C42 Diamond Chain
Unlike our competitor's chains that only have a Diamond Segment on every OTHER link, our Diamond Chain has a Diamond Segment on EVERY link! This allows you to cut faster with less stretch for up to twice as long!

Longer life
  • More torque can be placed on chain and bar due to less spacing.
  • Gives greater life - up to 30% more surface area.
  • Chain stretching is reduced because of pressure on each segment is lower.
  • Cuts significantly faster when cutting through heavy reinforced concrete. More diamonds in contact with the material.
  • Smoother Cutting & Less Vibration to the operator
  • "Continuous Link Technology" diamond grinding - no jumping of the chain from missing segments.
Segments Quality
  • Unique sandwich segment design maintains segment profile throughout chain life
  • The sandwich design has harder outer shell that keeps the segment's profile throughout its life. The use of a soft bond in the center enables fast cutting, especially in heavy steel.
  • Only top quality diamonds are used in the bond which increases speed and life.

Special Grinding
OPEN SEGMENTS- DITEQ chain is surface ground during the production, so the operator can start cutting immediately out of the box. 
(In competitor's chain it can take more than 20 minutes to open the segment, even in abrasive material).