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Deluxe Detectable Duct Rodder

Deluxe Detectable Duct Rodder

Deluxe Detectable Duct Rodder

5/16-Inch x 300-Feet Deluxe RufRod With Accessory Kit

Detectable Duct Rodders are available in the same lengths as the regular rodders and are mounted in the same frames. The purpose of the Detectable rod is to be able to accurately locate existing ducting underground or to locate the position of a blockage within a duct.

Each DCD is supplied with a terminal box mounted on the frame with a male and a female banana terminals for external hook up. Both sizes of rod have a #22 Ga. Copper wire down the center of the fiberglass core.

Accessory Kit Includes:

  • 1 Splice Connector
  • 1 Flexible Guide Head
  • 1 Roller Guide
  • 1 Clevis End
  • 1 Glue 3 gm
  • 1 Rod Gripper
  • 1 Accessory Pouch

  • SKU: DCD-53700-300
  • $1,467.00