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Deluxe RufRod, 5/16"x500' w/Ac

Deluxe RufRod, 5/16"x500' w/Ac

This new Ruf Rod Duct Rodder replaces the previous 9/32- diameter rod. It has an all new push / pull style of wheeled frame and is available in much longer lengths.

Although DCD only recommends lengths up to 600 ft, the standard cage will hold up to 800 ft, for 900 and 1000 ft the slightly larger 3/8" rodder frame will be used. The longer lengths should only be used in smaller ducts (up to 2-1/2- dia) and when there are few bends.

The Standard unit includes a Female Rod End, a Swivel Rod End and a Pulling Eye. The Deluxe version includes accessories as listed below. All accessories that attach to the rod can be glued on in the traditional manner or they can be clamped on with set screws or they can be glued and screwed for extra security.

Key Benefits

  • Store up to 1000 feet of rod
  • Threaded rod on both ends allows to work in both directions
  • Vertical or Horizontal application
  • Available in lengths 200 to 1,000 feet 
  • SKU: DCD-53500-500
  • $1,559.00