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DCD 3/8" Wire Rope Bridle Slings

DCD 3/8" Wire Rope Bridle Slings

The purpose of this product is to allow multiple pulls at one time by attaching 2, 3 or 4 cables or ducts to the puller. The slings are manufactured from aircraft quality wire rope with thimble eyes for durability.
The various “legs” are staggered in length so the individual connections are not interfering with each other. The lead coupler can be easily dismantled to change out a leg or to add another leg.
Each leg is marked with load capacity and they have a 3 times safety factor on that rating. The safety factor is based on equal pull on all cables (horizontal pull only). 
Each leg has a working load capacity of 4800 lbs.  Total sling capacity is calculated by multiplying the total number of legs by 4800 lbs.