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Crain CMR Series Height Sticks

Crain CMR Series Height Sticks
A versatile tool for fast and accurate one-person measuring, the CMR Series is the tool for measuring heights, clearances and horizontal distances up to fifty (50) feet. Made of rugged, non-conductive fiberglass, the CMR series is lightweight and designed for strength.
For jobs demanding a measuring tool up to fifty feet, the CMR Series offers these advantages:
  • Available in 25 ft., 36 ft. and 50 ft. 
  • Dual measuring scales: English & Metric. English scale in ¼ inch increments. Metric scale in ½ inch increments. 
  • ¼ - 20 female threaded tip for accessories. 
  • Positive snap-lock buttons 
  • Direct reading at eye level 
  • No tapes to break or wear 
  • Caliper tip included 
  • Nylon carrying case included 
NOTE: The CMR Series is not certified for use as a live-line tool.

SHIPPING: Freight as calculated by the website is approximate. Additional charges may apply. Please call to order - (800) 950-6666.