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Class 1 Legion FIT LED Lightba

Legion FIT Series Lightbar - 49"
Permanent Mount - Amber
The perfect lightbar for the tight budget. Simplified software has less functions (on/off, flash pattern change and synch), takedowns, alley lights and traffic arrows have all been omitted resulting in an extremely effective yet affordable rooftop option. 

Dimensions: 49" x 13" x 2.3"
Approvals: SAE J845 Class 1, CA XIII amber
Warranty: 5 Year
Flash Patterns: 26
Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Avg Current: 5A @ 12.8VDC / 3A @ 25.6VDC

Max Current: 8.1A @ 12.8VDC / 4.4A @ 25.6VDC 

  • SKU: BII-L06-0151A00
  • $949.00