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Aervoe Graffiti Remover 20oz C

Aervoe 5062 Features:

  • Ideal for public areas prone to graffiti abuse
  • Eliminates the need to sandblast and grind marks off concrete and brick surfaces
  • Removes stubborn marks from road signs, washrooms, buildings, sidewalks, underpasses, and a variety of other surfaces
  • Safe for use on most hard, unpainted surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, fiberglass, ceramic tile, Formica, and some plastics
  • A clear spray blend of solvents that removes lipstick, pencil, ink, crayon, and spray paint from a variety of hard surfaces.
  • For use on tile, brick, aluminum, steel, granite, marble, Formica, and dozens of other hard surfaces. Removes unwanted marks from road signs, metal panels, washrooms, public buildings, sidewalks, underpasses, school locker rooms, transit system buildings and vehicles, and rail cars.

Container size: 16 oz.

Sold by the case of 12 cans

  • SKU: AER-5062
  • $69.99