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LED Red Pole Bug light, w/2 Fl

LED Red Pole Bug light, w/2 Fl

The "Pole Bug" Red LED Pole Light

Using effective, long lasting LED technology - LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of heavy duty operation - these systems provide the ultimate in pole transportation safety. 

Each LED Strobe  has a 5-7 mile visibility range and includes four flash patterns:
  • Comet
  • Single
  • Steady Burn
  • Flare Flicker
Light modules are encapsulated for vibration and moisture resistance with front/angled refectors. Each Strobe is powered by three alkaline “C” batteries, providing 100+ hours of continuous operation. Easy to attach and deploy, using a heavy duty strap that attaches to all poles.
Additional features include powder coated metal components and dual flag holders.
Includes batteries and two flags.
  • SKU: ADC-7015-R
  • $263.00