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Speed Bump - 6-Foot with Install Kit and End Caps

Speed Bump - 6-Foot with Install Kit (select kit below) and End Caps
  • Recycled rubber with virgin rubber overlay - overlay protects recycled crumb rubber from wear
  • Molded-in stripes of yellow road marking tape
  • Designed for up to 15 mph
  • Conforms to surface contour
  • Dual bottom channels for drainage - protects wire, hose, or pipe to 3/4” dia.
  • Asphalt or concrete installation
  • 4 holes for installation in asphalt or concrete
  • Cut with utility knife if necessary
  • End Caps included
Asphalt Installation Kits Include: 14” x 1/2” rebar spikes and washers

Concrete Installation Kits Include: 4 1/2” lag (screws, washers, and shields)