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Cedar CT7G Rugged Android Smar

 Juniper CT7G Rugged Smart Device, 7-Inch Display, Pre-Loaded with the Pointman Locate Application

Finally, an affordable Solution for GPS mapping of cables & pipes!
There was a time when it made sense to spend thousands of dollars to put a GPS handheld device in each of your field workers' hands. Now with PointMan Locate running on your Cedar CT5 Rugged Handheld Device and connected to the Geode GPS Receiver using Bluetooth technology, you no longer need to spend that much money on expensive field data collection equipment.

Connect your Bluetooth enabled Radiodetection Receiver and the Geode GPS Receiver to the Juniper CT5 or CT7G Android handheld device.
Once paired, with a simple press of a button, and all the locate information along with the GPS coordinates are passed to the Pointman Locate™ software on the handheld device! 

PointMan Locate™ is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables field personnel to capture precise cable and pipe locating data from an Android mobile device. PointMan Locate is designed to capture precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to those points including, forms, photos and sketches. Using our patented processes, PointMan Locate captures, binds and submits the precision data to Google Earth in real-time. PointMan Locate™ is free to use for 30 days. After 30 days, you can purchase a full-use license for $395.00 a year.

In the "Downloads" section below, there's a screenshot of an electrical line locate and a gas line locate that we performed here at Locators & Supplies Inc as an example.

Affordable, Versatile, Rugged
Now running Android 6.0 with a speedy new processor, the CT7G Rugged Tablet is ready to ramp up your data collection process in tough environments. It’s got the outdoor visibility you need on a large, 7-inch display, a battery with enough juice to run all day long, and the ruggedness required to perform reliably in any environment. Not only that, but the CT7G also provides the versatility to choose from thousands of business-ready apps on the Google Play Store. All of this and more, at an affordable price that makes the CT7G an easy choice. So put down that fragile smartphone, pick up the CT7G, and get out there!
  • SKU: JUN-26500
  • $899.00