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Uniflex UF2000 Sign Stand, Scr

Uniflex UF2000 Sign Stand, Scr

The Uniflex- 2000 sign stand features the Screwlock mechanism for sign panel attachment: Slip fiberglass rib into "J" bracket and tighten.


  • NCHRP 350 compatibility - crash test results available.
  • Complies with MUTCD standards
  • Features versatile, compact single-coil spring
  • Ease of use with fast kick release system, locking legs into place when fully extended
  • Displays 36" and 48" signs using ScrewLock- attachment
  • All aluminum and steel construction
  • Telescoping aluminum legs with two position height adjustment and anti-skid foot pads
  • Minimum height from the ground to bottom of panel: 12" (305mm)
  • Full extension length: 51" (1295 mm) % 0a
  • Open footprint: 92" x 54" (2337mm x 1372mm)
  • Storage height: 30" 
  • $134.00